Over One Hundred Acres of Enchanting Forest Where Japanese History and Culture Await
Tea Ceremony House

Tea Ceremony House

Here you can experience the beauty and mystery of the Japanese Tea Ceremony.
The building itself, a 300 year old farm house, also has to be seen to be believed! Visitors in winter can expect to see snow.

Traditional Art House

Traditional Art House

You can enjoy looking the wonderful view of japanese garden from here. You can also enjoy looking the exhibition of kokutani&yoshidaya.

Wajima Lacquerware

Wajima Lacquerware

Over one hundred steps have to be carried out to complete this handmade product. It takes approximately one year for one item to be produced.

Washi Japanese Paper

Washi Japanese Paper

Japanese paper is made from raw materials including kouzo (a type of Japanese longgrass) and mitsumata (paper bush).

Gold Leaf

Gold Leaf

Ishikawa produces 99% of Japan's gold leaf. It is worked until it is 1/10,000th of a millimeter thick.


Access Map Can Bus / From JR Kaga-onsen Station approx.35min.

Ticket prices

Adult: 1-day pass ¥1,000, 2-day pass ¥1,200
Child (elementary schooler): 1-day pass ¥500, 2-day pass ¥600

* The one day pass allows unlimited travel. You can also buy can bus ticket at Yunokuni no mori reception.

CANBUS Tour Guide

CANBUS Time Table


To Kaga-onsen Station

From Tokyo
(Hokuriku Shinkansen)
From Osaka approx.2hr 12min.
From Kansai International Airport
(change at Shin-Osaka Station)
approx.3hr 23min.
From Nagoya approx.2hr 27min.
From Chubu Centrair International Airport
(change at Nagoya station)

* Kaga-onsen Station to Yunokuni no mori: 11km (approx. 12min. by car)
* The times stated above refer to the fastest trains available

By Airplane

To Komatsu Airport

From Tokyo approx. 1hr.
From Fukuoka approx. 1hr 10min.
From Sapporo approx. 1hr 40min.
From Sendai approx. 1hr 10min.
From Okinawa approx. 2hr 15min.

* Komatsu Airport to Yunokuni no mori: 16km (approx. 20min. by car)

By Car

To Kaga IC (Hokuriku Expressway)

From Osaka approx. 3hr.
From Nagoya approx. 2hr 30min.

* Kaga IC to Yunokuni no mori: 16km (approx. 20min. by car)

To Katayamazu IC (Hokuriku Expressway)

From Osaka approx. 3hr 10min.
From Nagoya approx. 2hr 40min.

* Katayamazu IC to Yunokuni no mori: 13km (approx. 15min. by car)

To Komatsu IC (Hokuriku Expressway)

From Osaka approx. 3hr 20min.
From Nagoya approx. 2hr 50min.

* Komatsu IC to Yunokuni no mori: 16km (approx. 20min. by car)